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My name is Jim Gillio and my family owns and operates Central Ag Supply LLC.  We are a Janitorial and Personal Protective Equipment supplier (If you use nitrile gloves we may save you a lot of money) serving Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.  We work several joint accounts with Hector at Pro Clean (he and his people are amazing both personally and professionally).  We will install all new towel, TP, soap, and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout all of your facilities free of charge.   All of our dispensers are FREE and we also offer free replacements if they are vandalized or break for some reason.  We have electronic touch-free options and manual no battery options for all of our dispensers.  Our pricing is very competitive and our service has been rated very high by our customers.  We offer free rapid delivery, often same day or next day.  
If you are interested I would appreciate 15 minutes of your time and can meet you at your convenience.  Please take a look at our website and Facebook feed, links are below in our signature.  I have also included a few photos of some of our installations and our “dispenser demo wall” 
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
I know your time is valuable, I would like to set up a meeting at your convenience to go over your supply needs to prepare a proposal to see if Central Ag Supply can become your supply partner and help save you time and money.


Jim Gillio 408-422-3308.